ISM launches pre-medical courses to develop potential of our applicants. These pre-medical intensive trainings are dedicated to strengthen capacity of ISM’s international students who search for compliments to the general education received within domestic education programs.

ISM has 15-year history and distinguished background in the field of training of medical professionals for foreign markets. The 3-month courses are constructed with the use of past decades of experience in medical training and work with foreign students. The ISM system offers splendid opportunities for students to receive high quality education brought in compliance of to international medical standards.

The classic field of ISM pre-medical training includes 4 courses: 1) English as non-native language, which is 3 weeks of intensive course; 2) Biology; 3) Chemistry; 4) Physics with all of its 3 courses provided during 9 weeks. According to the curriculum there is a flexible system of in-class quizzes and exams to control trainees’ academic performances.

After passing through 3-month courses students receive certificates and are enrolled to the 1st course of "General Medicine" program at ISM. 
What will you study on the pre-medical?
All pre-medical classes take place at the Central Campus of ISM, which will be taught by different tutors. These are:


The goals and objectives of teaching English in a medical university are to form the relevant communicative competence in professional interaction.

The course of English in General Medicine is designed for learners whose command of English ranges from high school to college level and who need to improve both their understanding and active use of English in real-life time communication to successfully make their career development efforts afterwards.
PHYSICS with the course of higher mathematics 

The physics and higher mathematics training course is designed with regard for the study of the sections of mathematics and physics at an accessible level of difficulty with the main focus on theoretical knowledge and the solution of various problems.

The subject is targeted at the formation of students' ability to distinguish between facts and assessments, get a holistic view of the role of physics in creating a natural-science picture of the world and know more of the basic physical laws and how to use them in practical life.

The biology training course pursues the goal of developing students' theoretical knowledge about the interconnection of living systems, basic biological laws and processes, systems of human life activity. Learning of fundamental systems and life activity of human being serves as the basis of medical knowledge and expertise necessary for the preservation of human health in various conditions.

The program also aims to educate students to competently perceive and look at human health, protect nature, overcome the environmental crisis, and improve the doctor’s active position to save life on Earth.

The course of chemistry is designed to develop students' knowledge and skills for subsequent specialized and basic disciplines for a more complete study of biochemistry, pharmacology, and many physicochemical research methods used in medicine.

The chemistry training course is comprised of three parts: General Chemistry and Theoretical Fundamentals of the Course, Non-organic Chemistry.  Properties of chemical elements and their compounds and Organic Chemistry.
For the future physician, knowledge of organic, biological, pharmaceutical chemistry is necessary to prevent the negative impact of harmful and dangerous factors on the health of patients.
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